Meet Chelsea and Bobby

Who Are We?

We live in San Lorenzo, California with our two lovely school-age children. We both have full-time jobs — Chelsea is an acute care Nurse Practitioner at an ICU in San Francisco and Bobby is a university administrator at Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, where he worked for many years as a professor of anthropology, sociology, and Latin American Studies.

Chelsea grew up in rural Colorado and her interests include travel, reading, running, crossword puzzles, Scrabble, and hiking. Bobby, a San Francisco native, enjoys conga drumming, salsa music, photography, and riding (and tinkering with) his motorcycle.

Keeping the Evergreen Dorrington cabins ready for our guests is a team effort! 

Chelsea takes the lead on the guest experience, messaging with guests, offering local knowledge, coordinating cleaning, and managing the bookings. 

Bobby coordinates outside contractors, routine maintenance, supplies, and the tech surrounding the website, social media, marketing, and guidebooks. Did we mention we also have full-time jobs??? 🙂

What Kind of Owners Are We?

Like many rental cabin owners, we fell in love with the area, were fortunate enough to buy a vacation home in Dorrington, and spend as much time there as we possibly can!

When we decided to rent out our cabin to guests, we wrote down the core commitments that are really important to us:

  • Hospitality: We care about your experience and will always make ourselves available to answer any questions you might have.
  • Hands-on: We are hands-on owners who will never outsource property management to another company! We know our cabins because we vacation there just like you!
  • Honoring Work: We respect our cleaners, Karen and Tonya. We won’t chase bookings and charge so little that we can’t pay a fair wage. They work hard and need to be treated with respect!
  • Good Neighbors: We respect our neighbors and will not become a “party” house. Fortunately, we have only attracted great guests and have had no issues!

That’s enough about us!  We hope that gives you a sense for the real people behind the website.