Our cabins are not suitable for parties. Such events are hard on our furniture, plumbing, and appliances and we don’t allow them.

You will receive a full refund if cancellation occurs more than 14 days before arrival; No refunds within 14 days of arrival.
Initiate the cancellation by sending an email to You may also call/text Chelsea or Bobby at 510-606-6377.
If your cancelled dates get re-booked, we may offer you a partial refund at our discretion. If you book through another platform (Airbnb/VRBO), those cancellation policies will apply.
We strongly encourage you to consider purchasing a separate low-cost travel insurance policy that can provide you coverage for last-minute cancellations.

We do not have regular trash pickup at the cabins and we therefore require guests to dispose of their own trash either by taking it home or to the local dump on your way out of town.
If you choose to leave trash behind. Pinecone Cottage has no place to store trash cans and we must insist on you taking your trash.

Due to the difficulty in dealing with trash at Pinecone Cottage, we will withhold a $150 trash removal fee from your security deposit for trash left at Pinecone Cottage (waived for bookings that checkout on either Wednesdays or Thursdays when dump is closed).

Evergreen Dorrington Chalet does have a garage where we can keep some overflow trash.  However, you are still strongly encouraged to take trash with you, as our cleaner has to remove this trash and take it to the dump herself, which can be very difficult.  We therefore, will withhold a $25 trash removal fee from your security deposit for trash left at Evergreen (waived for bookings that checkout on either Wednesdays or Thursdays when dump is closed). 

You are welcome to bring along up to two well-behaved, house-trained dog. We charge $100 per pet fee. Please describe your furry friend and their breed, behavior, and personality. We look forward to hosting them as well!

No refunds for snow storms, poor regional air quality, or weather-related outages (Comcast, PG&E, etc). We encourage you to stay informed as best you can about weather forecasts and any planned electric utility outages. Evergreen Dorrington Chalet has an automatic generator to supply power to the house during a power outage. The generator will not, however, maintain broadband internet or cable television if the Comcast substations go down due to a widespread power outage. We may have an emergency internet work-around, but that is not guaranteed. We do the best we can to provide you full amenities, but rural mountain life has its challenges.

Please limit noise after 10pm out of respect for our neighbors. We do have full-time residents close-by and we ask that you respect them.


  • Shower before enjoying the hot tub
  • No children under 6 may enter the hot tub (it is not safe for their little bodies).
  • No more than 4 people in the hot tub at a time.
  • No food or glass containers allowed near the hot tub (we provide plastic).
  • You may adjust the temperature if needed, but please do not turn the hot tub off.
  • No jumping or roughhousing – please be careful.
  • Cover must be replaced when not in use (helps conserve energy).
  • No sitting on or lying on the hot tub cover.
  • Turn off jets after use.
  • No soaps or oils in the hot tub.
  • We service the tub weekly. Evidence of contamination that requires a professional drain and refill will incur a $250 hot tub cleaning fee.
  • Damage to the cover will incur a $400 cover replacement fee.

Note: The hot tub is in view of a security camera for liability purposes and to ensure that it is properly covered.

To look out for snow levels and deliveries, and to protect the property, there are two outside security cameras overlooking the driveway.

NO SMOKING or vaping is allowed anywhere on the propert